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Climatic conditions of Latin America had considerable impact on process of its settling and economic development. They and create to this day considerable problems at development of new territories, for example the basin of Amazon.

 America region located in the western hemisphere between the southern border of the USA in the North and Antarctica in the south. South America includes the southern part of North America, Central America, the island of West Indies and the continent. From the West it is washed by the Pacific Ocean, from the East - Atlantic.

The major place in economy is taken by the oil and gas industry. The main centers of the oil and gas industry are located near Tampico and Posa-Rika-de-Idalgo, value of oil and gas areas in the Southeast where sea oil production develops increases. The coal industry is of secondary importance. Coal is extracted mainly in Sabinas for needs of coke-chemical production. Production of ores of heavy non-ferrous metals is concentrated on the Mexican Plateau where many fields differ in wealth and high quality of ore. The main iron-ore base - a field of Serro-de-Merkado near Durango. High-quality native sulfur on the Teuantepeksky isthmus became important export goods. Fluorspar, antimony, graphite have export value. Production of ores of color meptall (silver, gold, mercury, copper, zinc, it is conducted generally in northern, and also in the central parts of Mexico.

The main areas and the centers of oil and gas and oil-processing industry are on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and other regions of mining and metallurgical industry - in northern part of the Mexican Plateau. The enterprises of manufacturing industry concentrate in large gororda.

In industrial production, especially in the light and food industry, small, quite often semi-handicraft enterprises prevail; in the heavy industry - mainly the large enterprises. The major branches: oil processing, petrochemical, nonferrous metallurgy; are closely connected with a local source of raw materials. The mining industry, except oil and gas, develops more slowly than manufacturing industry.