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Generating ideas for hardtail

By analogy, also forming the market of agricultural service, it is possible to point to a complex of the machine means intended for processing of soils, application of fertilizers, their storage, completing of the difficult types focused on these or those views of soils, systems of their restoration, etc.

In this regard it is necessary to allocate a situation, so-called, natural monopolies. Strictly speaking, it is really pure monopoly, but it is caused not by artificial obstacles for the accession to branch, and the reasons connected with efficiency when activity of one firm obviously more effectively, than existence of a set of the competing organizations. In other words, it is about a scale effect. There is a lot of examples of natural monopoly: local electricity supply, gas, telecommunication services.

the network model of single structural transformation which tops are the most effective currently technological converters is developed, and arches reflect their sequence generally, technologically connected production;

The purpose of work consists in formation of the competitive markets of an industrial output and mechanisms of management on the basis of organizational and economic structural transformations. For realization of this purpose the following tasks were set and solved: